Search For Your Favorite Target Gene in Expresso Database

For several genes of interest, Expresso allows the user to identify a list of candidate transcription factors based on available ChIP-Seq data. The conserved binding motif is also provided.
*Please note that these peaks are found computationally by MEME and further expert interpretation is required on the motifs.
*When motif is "None", it means that high confident target gene is taken directly from the corresponding paper and no motif analysis is performed due to insufficient information provided in the reference resource.

Gene Ids: Sample Genes
E-value for motif-gene filtering:

Expresso provides regular expressions for each conserved motif along with each transcription factor and target genes. Going from regular expression to logo charts is easy and follows this simple rule: the nucleotides in bracket show all possible nucleotides for each position. If there is only one possibility for the position, no bracket would be shown.

For example, regular expression for the significant motif of PIF3 is: [GTC][CTA]CACGTG[GA][CAG]. The logo chart is shown as the image bellow. You can clearly see how conversion between logo chart and regular expression works.