Selected Projects:
  • Automatic Classification of Open Source Projects from Github using LDA (March 2016, present): Categorize software using their source code, find cross-language software suggestions.
  • AstraZeneca-Sanger Drug Combination Prediction DREAM Challenge (Oct 2015-Apr 2016): Design and implement machine learning models to predict drugs synergy for personalized cancer treatment using various molecular data.
  • Expresso: Exploring the Interaction of Transcription Factors and Their Target Genes in Plants using ChIP-Seq Data (Sep 2015-Feb 2016): Build a Web server for biologists to explore transcription factors and their genes from a curated DB.
  • PlantSimLab: A Simulation Laboratory for Plant Biology (Jan-Aug 2014): Develop a Web server and a virtual lab that enables biologists to build, validate, and use computational models through an online graph simulator.