Welcome To Expresso Webserver

Expresso is an online websever for expoloring plants’ transcription factors and target genes from ChIP-Seq data. It was developed by Delasa Aghamirzaie, Karthik Raja Velmurugan and Shuchi Wu at Virginia Tech. Expresso has been developed to collect and integrate increasing plants' ChIP-Seq data and link it to the gene expression data.

Expresso is in its beta version release and is still under development. Thanks for your patience.

Things to Do in Expresso

  • If you want to see which transcription factors are present in Expresso database: Click Here
  • If you want to search for a transcription factor and see its target genes present on Expresso database: Click Here
  • If you want to search for your favorite target gene and get its candidate transcription factors based on available ChIP-Seq experiments: Click Here
  • If you want to mine your own list of gene expression data for the set of all the transcription factor and target genes together with their correlation analysis: Click Here


Expresso is designed to serve Plant Science researchers with a user-friendly interface as well as performance-efficient frame. You can see Expresso analysis pipeline here.

analysis pipleline

  • We collected 22 Arabidopsis ChIP-Seq datasets form NCBI GEO database. We are updating and expanding our database every week to collect the increasing ChIP-Seq datasets from all plant species.
  • All collected ChIP-Seq datasets were re-analyzed by using MEME (Multiple Em for Motif Elicitation, Version 4.9.1) and uniformed into Transcription factor-Target gene-Binding motif format. Information from different ChIP-Seq datasets were integrated together.
  • Expresso also provides the correlational analysis service of Transcription factor-Target gene with users’ own RNA-seq data.

Instead of going though separate ChIP-Seq datasets, Expresso provides researchers convenient services to systematically search plant Transcription factor-Target gene information. Enjoy!