Meeting Schedule

The promoters group meets about once a week to discuss what projects each member has undertaken and the results they have discovered. The schedule of meetings for Fall 2003 is shown below. When a meeting is canceled, people are always welcome to send comments or questions to the mailing list.

September 153:30 PMMcBryde 607
September 223:30 PMCanceled
September 293:30 PMCanceled
October 63:30 PMCanceled
October 133:30 PMMcBryde 607
October 203:30 PMMcBryde 607
October 273:30 PMCanceled
November 33:30 PMCanceled
November 103:30 PMCanceled
November 173:30 PMMcBryde 607
Thanksgiving Break
December 13:30 PMCanceled
December 83:30 PMCanceled
December 153:30 PMCanceled