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Installation Instructions:

1. Prerequisite software

    Java Runtime Environment (version 6 or higher)

    Java is used to compile and run the Beacon Editor. You can download and install the JRE from Java downloads for your operating system.

2. Download and Install Beacon Editor

   Beacon Editor Version 1.1.0 (3/15/2017) JAR file for Linux

   Beacon Editor Version 1.1.0 (3/15/2017) EXE file for Windows

   Beacon Editor Version 1.1.0 (3/15/2017) ZIP file for Mac

   The beta version of Beacon Editor is available here

Beacon Editor Sample Pathway

   Sample drought stress pathway (3/15/2017)

Beacon Documentation

   NSF proposal for Beacon

   Beacon Editor User Manual (version 3/15/17)

SBGN Documentation

   SBGN Web site

   SBGN Process Description (PD)

   SBGN Entity Relationship (ER)

   SBGN Activity Flow (AF)

Other SBGN Resources

   SBGN Mailing Lists