Lenwood S. Heath
An NSF-funded project to capture, represent, manipulate, store, retrieve, infer, and simulate signal transduction pathways in higher plants
Lenwood S. Heath
A graph mining algorithm to discover combinatorial splicing regulatory elements
Lenwood S. Heath
A machine learning approach to predicting virus-host protein-protein interactions from sequence
Lenwood S. Heath
A Web server designed to identify and explore the binding of transcription factors to their target genes in plants using available ChIP-Seq data
Alexey Onufriev
A Web service to complete macromolecular structures by adding the hydrogen atoms that are often missing from PDB records and to predict the pK of ionizable groups
Clifford A. Shaffer
Computational cell biology; modeling the cell cycle; support for modeling biochemical reaction pathways; decomposing complex reaction models into manageable pieces
Life Identification Numbers
Lenwood S. Heath
A computational system to automatically classify and name the genome of any genom-sequenced organism
Lenwood S. Heath, Liqing Zhang
A Web resource for customizable analysis of metagenomics data using several computational pipelines
Parameter Estimation for Stochastic Cell Cycle Models
Layne T. Watson
A new quasi-Newton stochastic optimization algorithm, QNSTOP, is applied to estimate the 52 parameters in a state-of-the-art stochastic model of the budding yeast cell cycle

Design: Travis Webb and Alexey Onufriev, with input from Michal Shannon
Implementation: Travis Webb
Logo Design: Feza Balci